This Place (Calls to You)

A song written while Van and Alexa tried to make a long distance relationship work. I discovered this on a mix tape that Van had made for Alexa’s 23 birthday….and thus perhaps hadn’t been noticed by Lindsey as she prepared some of his official releases.




This Place (Calls to You)


This place calls to you

With the whistle of the wind and the dove’s coo

Like this place calls to me

The babble of the brooks and the shady trees

Now this place calls to you

The trails in the hills and the city view

Far away from the desert and oppressive heat

It ‘s the place where lost souls come to meet

You’ve been looking so hard for a home

A place you can really call your own

I’ve been looking so long for someone to share

This special place and I know you really care

This place calls to you

In the song of the snight and the morning dew

Like this place calls to me

With the fog and rain and the mystery

Now this place calls to you

The skyline back lit with and azure hue

Far away from the madness of the games you play

It’s the place where you will want to stay

You came here only for a short visit

You never knew just how much you would miss it

Had no intention for a new love to start

You had no idea this place is my heart

This place calls to you…

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